• Kevin Blackburn

on Journaling

So back a few months ago, my wife gave me this great hand made small leather notebook. I have been saving it for the RT 50 project thinking how (special?) and artistic of me it would be to spend my evenings or lunch breaks or whatever Journaling in my nifty leather notebook. OH, look at me. I am an anxiety-riddled artist. I have a leather journal. But after trying this and noticing my handwriting is still atrocious nope no improvement since high school and seeing my hand can not write as fast and my brain moves and my spelling is despite my education and vocabulary is TERRIBLE. So the decision is made to stick to the modern days and just journal on my little surface book and use my Grammarly app to auto-correct my spelling as I go. So if you take issue with my grammar or spelling, it is all the computer's fault I blame Ai.

Thanks, honey. I will cherish this and keep it with me but not sure it will get used, and we planned for this project, but hey, we never know.

The fact is after this first trip in February 202o. I have even come to notice in the evenings by the time I find a place to stay and get settled and cleaned up, and I am spent. I am really in no mood to try and write or journal for the day. It seems the most I get done is a meal, a shower, and a backup of the days shooting and recording.

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