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Old Age lesson learned on RT50

At almost 46, I am not old by the numbers, but by body mileage, I am at least 25 years older. After a few head injuries, some accidental some self-inflicted the old memory isn't as high as I thought it once was. So on a recent trip, I had this idea I should dictate to myself and record it.

Ok, so a little back story I love to drive hence this project. I also love listening to spoken work Podcasts, Audiobooks, etc. and often while driving and looking, I have an idea or a train of thought I will let my mind run away with and down the rabbit hole I go. The problem is there may be a good idea or notion, but this memory being what it is, I will often forget by the time I get to a point to stop and write or journal it. So while I have an excellent audio device for video work, I needed something small and manageable, so a trip to Best Buy and $75 later boom I was all set. And on the most recent RT50 trip, I put this thing to good use and recorded about 35 audio snippets.

Well, part one complete now the issue of getting the audio to actual text for the BLOG post and social media stuff and maybe even a book if I dare down the road. I could have Robbi (AKA Mom) my studio manager that watches the office three days a week and keeps my place presentable, and the receipts in order for me do it, but that seems cruel. Trust me to talk to me once and hear how I ramble you will get it. So I did some good old fashioned Googleing (pun intended), and I found a very cost-effective and even for my poor speaking very accurate online program called you guessed it Transcribe.

Now, after a week on the road and 35+/- audio files, it took about 30 minutes to upload and transcribe them all now copy and paste into Grammarly make edits and corrections and BOOM publish away.

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