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How no Sushi lead to a Waffle on RT50 in Ocean City

So to set the stage as the saying goes, I was in Ocean City MD and on the evening of day two of the February 2020 RT50 trip I was sitting in my room at the Francis Scott Key Family Resort hungry. I wanted Sushi well the Japanese hibachi and sushi place was open, however, the sushi bar was closed for the season. I will never understand why a seaside town sushi bar would be seasonal when mine at home in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley is always open, but that's another story.

Well, this leads me to a Chain restaurant that will remain nameless for several reasons mostly because I don't want to give them and free advertising in any way, shape, or form even if the food and service were good. I do however want to mention the local Restaurant Barn 34 located at 3400 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842 Website here:

While sitting at the bar at the above unmentioned a lovely couple came in, and I managed to strike up a conversation with them via the bartender, and it turned out they owned a local restaurant called Barn 34. Maryanne and Michael Lawson, along with Son Michael JR and Daughter Courtney with occasional helo from grandson Corbin when he is not in school run this fabulous must visit when in Ocean City. Maryanne and Michael are to say, the least friendly and this being Presidents Day weekend, they were opening for Breakfast that Monday morning, and I am always up to visite a locally owned and run business and what was a fantastic breakfast.

Barn 34 just makes you feel welcome and I am not sure there are to many places I can eat breakfast at the bar while talking to the owner who is registering the employees for a big foody show coming to town with a bartender that is possibly the hardest working man in OC and definately does it with a smile.

I spent about 2 hrs just taking in the place and the people I had a fantastic omelet and a red velvet waffle yes, it was a good as it sounds. While visiting, I learned a little about them and the place things like just how long they had been open and the move and how the barn used to be an old Christmas Store and so so much. I suggest that you visit yourself it is worth it. I know for sure I can't wait to go back. One because I missed meeting Michael Jr. I did not get to photograph everyone together. And Two mostly for the food and friendship somehow I think the food taste even better in a place like Barn 34 because you feel like friends and family when you visit maybe that's the secret ingredient.

I decided thought the project is primarly in B&W Food for sure need to be in color here is my Breakfast and the waffle was plain by request and that onlet OMG PERFECT!

(Side note that is one thing I am finding on the RT50 project I am creating new relationships and friendships somehow I didn't see that coming for some reason. I knew I would meet people just never imagined I would have been making some of the real connections I have.)

So the big lesson learned here is when you don't get Sushi, don't get mad, find someplace else to eat, and be open to the opportunity that may present itself. I was fortunate, and it lead to one of my favorite stops on the February Rt 50 trip!


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