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Day One I guess the offical begining

Well, day one is in the bag; it is a bit of an abbreviated day as I had to get from home to RT 50 even to get started. I had been planning to cover MC, VA, WV, and I have an interview scheduled in MD for my Monday, so I headed into WV to try to get into a magnificent old Junkshop I had seen before near Grafton. Unfortunately, I got a late start and arrived late in the day, but as many things are, it turns out the "junkshop" with the of Sanford and Son truck out front seems to be just a facade for a working auto repairs shop that is well closed on Saturdays anyway.

The good news is that this only being in WV, this is low hanging fruit for me and easy to get to from my home base in VA, so I will be able to revisit mid-week and much earlier. The other good news is as I turned back to head to stay in Romney, I wandered upon a great little store having a Saturday night gospel jam session but more on that in a more in-depth post on just that stop.

I ended the day in Romney WV staying in the Koolblink motel, which though before my time, feels like I just stepped back into 1962 and more to come on this and a revisit to have more time to visit with the owner for an interview. I would do it today before heading out, but they don't open the office until 10 am and well I need to start making my way to MD for my interview at Unicorn books that I discovered on the October 2019 "test run."

Koolwink Motel Romnet WVA
Koolwink Motel Romnet WVA
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