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And it begins well kinda

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

So in early and mid-October I had the oppertunity to mix in a personal trip to see my best friend in AZ with some commercial work. This trip and the work also took me very close to RT 50 and I was able to block a few days to do a test run of sorts. I am happy to say it was well worth it ahead of my plans for a big push on the RT 50 project in 2020. I learned some things actually a number of things as to what will and wont work equipment wise I was able to get a better focus on the project for myself and what I want and I am looking for and alot about the planning and how the trip will play out and the fact that my original idea of a straight through 6 week adventure isn't going to give me the imagery I am looking for so now I will be working on a plan to spend a week a month or every 6 weeks through out a year or more to get the stories I think are out there.

Here are a few quick images from the trip more info and images to come soon.

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